The Steem Blockchain

Building better communities, creating rewarding opportunities and empowering entrepreneurs

We see a world where people get paid for their content and attention — a future where digital content is monetized without the necessity for advertising or selling user data, and communities have the same fundraising capabilities online as they do in everyday life. That’s why we’re building new token-based economic models on the Steem blockchain that create opportunities for people to bridge their passions with success via cryptocurrency rewards.

Our story, so far...


Genesis block

The genesis block of the Steem blockchain was broadcast to the world on 24 March 2016.


First app on Steem

Steemit was the first app to run on Steem, giving people an easy place to earn cryptocurrency rewards by creating and curating content.


First payout

The first rewards payout on 4 July 2016 kickstarted growth and we’ve been scaling up ever since.


Improving systems

2017 our hard work produced over 19 hardforks and other major improvements to the stability and scalability of the blockchain.

What’s next?

A smarter way to grow

The next evolution of Steem will begin with the upcoming launch of Smart Media Tokens. Smart Media Tokens will allow anyone to create their own token, similar to STEEM, and use those tokens to fundraise, monetize content, and grow their own social communities.

The Team

Ned Scott

Founder, CEO

“Steem is a blockchain of opportunity. It’s a place where anyone can arrive and begin creating a community, creating a business, creating content. All in a way that’s good for them and the people around them.”

Elizabeth Powell

Head of Communications & Advocay

Robert Day


Chris Padovano

General Counsel

Pon Kattera

Head of Design

Design and build better social networks

Steem closely aligns the incentives between the owners and users of social applications. We proved the model on steemit. Now, we’re now helping entrepreneurs build on Steem to monetize content and grow their community.